W2: Classmate conversation-natsuki fukayama

Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce Natsuki Fukayama, someone I enjoyed talking to this week. Natsuki, or Nat as some of her friends prefer to call her, is a foreign exchange sophomore from Japan that is studying film at Cal State Long beach. Because of her love of film, Natsuki plans on directing films or selling movies to different countries, in order for them to be able to air in different countries. I honestly didn’t know films had to be sold to different countries in order to be seem in theaters before I met Natsuki.
Natsuki is a really cool and sweet person, she loves the idea of nicknames, played basketball for 6 years (starting in middle school), enjoys the american versions of chinese food, and likes starbucks lattes (even though she’s not to crazy about the fact that those serving her drink don’t know how to spell her name). She also enjoys the California weather.
One thing she misses terribly, however, is sushi and food in general from Japan. I know I’d miss my Cali foods if I traveled out of the U.S.
check out her blog at shhhh7474.wordpress.com!


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