W2: Artist conversation- Maccabee Shelley

Maccabee Shelley is an artist whose medium of choice is recyclable glass with no redemption value, hence the name of his art show, No Redemption Value (his favorite glass to work with is displayed). In 2010, after having been hesitant to focus on his art like most artists, thankfully Shelley decided it was time to put all of his chips into his love for creating ceramic masterpieces. Therefore today he continues to work at least 15 to 20 hours on his ceramic pieces, which always end up giving him ideas for new pieces.
Shelley used to be a science major and loved chemistry and interestingly enough, he still applies his chemistry knowledge when creating his artwork. To him its more interesting and exciting to know how the different glasses react on a molecular level when he’s creating his pieces. That is important, especially if you need to know that certain materials harden in water, which would make it difficult to mix other glasses into it. He even has a periodic table in his studio.
Shelley is a passionate artist who is being paid to do what he loves. Being a fellow artist, I only wish to be as lucky as him.


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