W3- Activity- Instagram

This is my first time having an instagram, and I’m still getting used to it.2015-02-08-19-54-21

Although I personally feel as though I could have “survived” without an instagram :p, its kinda cool to be able to see my art 110 class be able to come together on a page just by simply tagging their photos with #art110s15.


Forgive me if I am completely off, but instagram almost feels like a more permanent snapchat mixed with tumblr. I mean I am aware that you can post pictures you take at any moment on other social media as well, but as soon as I opened my freshly made instagram, snapchat and a little bit of tumblr (and somewhat Facebook) is the kind of vibe I got.


Anyway, i had fun posting up my photos at random moments throughout my day, and enjoyed looking at the photos that the rest of my classmates posted.


Their posts gave me an little bit more insight into their day and how some of my classmates spend their time on netflix, with their pets, at csulb playing billiards in the usu, and waiting for the bus. 🙂 I enjoyed learning a little bit more about the classmates I interviewed/had a conversation with in the past two weeks. ❤
My posts are pretty self explanatory ^.^ I just shared my thoughts along with photos of what I was doing at the time, or things i had currently done.
This activity was pretty cool, follow me if you come across my instagram, because (I feel like an old person, being that I am so new to instagram and how it works, and) I want to learn how its done. ❤


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