W3-Artist Conversation- Yireh Elaine Kwak

Yireh Elaine Kwak’s art show, shared with her colleague, was named Harmony and Discordance based on the juxtaposition of nature and the growing urbanization of the land. Yireh, when asked by my fellow classmates, explained that she believes that nature symbolizes harmony, health, and truth, whereas urbanization is almost synonymous with pollution and discordance. In my opinion, she is correct, however, urbanization is only growing and polluting the earth because of the growing population. Therefore I believe, freeways, building, etc. aren’t necessarily solely to blame.yireh hills
Kwak’s artwork, mainly inspired by her own backyard (she explained that she lives on a hill, therefore she has a great view of a lush, green golf course), is intensely vibrant, colorful, and beautiful. I enjoy the colors she uses because it is evident that she enjoys working with bright colors, which she is able to achieve through oil paint. When asked about why her paintings are so colorful, she says that color is her strength, meaning it is easier for her to work with. Something I have in common with her.succulent-yireh
Kwak also strongly favors landscapes, hence the reason her favorite piece is a triptych piece (the full piece shared on three panels that she is featured with above) that she worked on all semester long. Because she loves landscapes, she enjoys the works of Gustav Klimt (The Kiss) and Fiona Rae. I enjoyed viewing Yireh’s artwork and learning about the message she portrayed in her artwork.
One thing that Kwak said that really stuck with me, something she learned from her professor, is that artists can communicate with deceased artists through the artwork they leave behind. I just found that interesting along with her art show.


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