W3-Classmate interview- Khadinh Tran (:

This week I had the pleasure of making a new friend with a kind and sweet sophomore named Khadinh Tran. As soon as I walked up to Khadinh Tran and we introduced ourselves, she smiled openly and playfully warned me that her name was hard to remember and suggested I write it down, which I of course reciprocated, being that my last name is often difficult to spell, nonetheless pronounce. We both had a good laugh and proceeded to tell each other a few things about ourselves.
Khadinh Tran, having been born and raised in Westminister, found her way to Cal State Long Beach through field trips that her high school organized. She informed me that she did not know much about Long Beach in general before the field trips and therefore is grateful that she was able to visit, because it felt like her match as soon as she stepped onto campus. At CSULB currently, Tran is studying to pursue a career in health care administration, a difficult yet rewarding pursuit that she is willing to work toward.
Being curious as to how the Venice Beach art experience went last weekend, I asked Tran about her opinion on the activity. Khandinh told me that she went and that the overall experience was an enjoyable one, especially since she was initially intimidated by the assignment, being that she sees herself as not artistically inclined. However, after seeing the artwork of others at Venice Beach and realizing that her artwork would soon be drawn over by other artists, Tran gained confidence in herself and, admirably, just went for it.
In my opinion, anyone can be an artist as long as they put an effort and have fun with it. Therefore I am glad that my Art 110 teacher suggested the Venice Beach graffiti to the class, and that so many people went and experienced what my friend Khadinh Tran did.
Khadinh Tran is a friendly and wonderful person, who, in my opinion, gave off an overall welcoming aura of her favorite color light pink <3.
visit her page at khadinhtran.wordpress.com <3!


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