W4-Classmate convo- Memo ^.^

Yesterday after I browsed through all of the art galleries, I met a really chill and interesting guy, ^.^ Guillermo Vargas. When I initially saw him, I thought he was an upperclassman. However when we introduced ourselves, it turned out that he is also a first year and that people usually mistake him for a sixteen year old, when in reality he is a nineteen year old mechanical engineering student.
Guillermo, along with being a great handy man (hence the reason he is a mechanical engineering major) is a big sports fan. He has participated in various sports throughout his life and enjoys following professional sports. He grew up playing baseball, wrestled throughout high school (at Saint John Bosco, my high school’s competition), and even swam in a club outside of school. Wrestling takes up most of your weekends when you go to matches and compete against other school. For most wrestlers, waking  up around 4am or 5am and staying up until 11pm is the usual daily routine. Guillermo did a bit of swim, and he shared with me that the main memory he has from that sport is constantly (and inconveniently) cramping in the middle of a set in the deep end of the pool. My brother wrestles and I used to be on the swim team, so I understand how much of a commitment Guillermo made to sports in high school. Because of the fact that Memo grew up in Los Angeles, his default professional teams are the Lakers, Dodgers, and the 49ers in football.
Because Guillermo grew up in LA, he also knew he’d somehow end up at CSULB. Although his first choices were University of Arizona and UC Santa Cruz, for their beautiful campuses, Memo’s ultimate campus to call home was CSULB (especially since he knew he’d be in good company with a few of his high school friends). At CSULB, Guillermo now participates in only recreational sports in order to devote more of his time to being a successful mechanical engineering student.
Guillermo is a really cool guy and has great taste in music. He (like me ^.^) enjoys listening to a little bit of everything as long as he thinks it sounds good. He enjoys rap, spanish music of all kinds, reggae, and oldies (like Dion and the Belmonts, Mary Wells, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, and the like!) He also enjoys the winter months, because of the fact that he is a December baby.
Check out Guillermo’s blog at guillervaar.wordpress.com!


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