W4- Activity- Outwarldy Silly

Featured above is a Valerie that only close friends and family get to see. I am one of those students who consider themselves an introvert <3, however, sometimes I wish it were not so. Around people I recently got acquainted to or who I share a class with, normally will see me as a calm, laid-back, and quiet person. Most of my family and friends would also agree that I can be that way. However, they know that when I am comfortable enough, and in certain spurts, I can be completely silly and dorky <3. I am an introvert, that can be an extrovert sometimes, and it was kind of weird that for the next Art 110 activity, I had to purposefully be extroverted. For this activity, I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit, because honestly thats where all the fun and amazing things happen, and I quite like it. I went ahead and asked a coworker of mine if she would take a picture of me making a silly face(keep in mind I have only worked with them a week and only talked to them about things other than work during fifteen minute breaks every 2 hours, anyway back to the point). My coworker, being that she is in her twenties, laughed and agreed after i explained that the picture was for an assignment were my class has to step out of their comfort zone a bit and enjoy the experience. I normally wouldn’t post a dorky picture of myself, but after doing so, it feels like I’m a little more open about this side of myself. Which is super cool. Anyway, I’m glad I’m posting this picture, especially since “behind the scenes” I opened myself up to another person who was merely an acquaintance at work, which in turn made me a little more comfortable around her.
^.^ ❤


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