W4- Artist Convo- Andrea Albarran

It was such a joy to view the works of Andrea Albarran. Her works, mainly comprised of oil portraits of family members and friends mixed with vibrant shapes and figures (that were inspired by, and convey, emotions), were so much fun to look at. It was also fun to try to understand the meaning behind them. It was also interesting to know the process behind them as well.
Andrea explained that most of the inspiration for her art work actually changes every time she goes back to work on that piece. Therefore, when she starts a piece with a certain vision in mind, it is not uncommon for it to end up as something completely different. Something I personally have experience with. For example, one of her pieces exhibited in her art show started off as graffiti, and eventually ended up as a composition with many different shapes, patterns, and layers. Because her thoughts behind her works are always changing, Albarran feels that her artwork is never finished, she always wants to add or improve her paintings.
Another thing I found interesting was that Albarran enjoys leaving fragments from each layer of paint she puts on her canvases.
Im glad I was able to view the artwork of Andrea Albarran before she graduates and goes off to China to get her credentials. Albarran wants to become a teacher and travel to the other side of the world to gain a new experience. She has been teaching bible studies to students for a while now, and would like to continue with that and teach art as well.
^.^ I hope she goes far with her credentials and continues to push the limits with her artwork and continues to challenge herself.


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