W5-Artist Convo- Dianna Franco

When I initially read Dianna Franco’s Artist statement, I didn’t understand the correlation between her vision and her artwork. It made no sense to me that her pastel paintings with vibrant insides were inspired by nature, technology, and a twist of psychology, until I joined in on the conversation between her and other Art 110 students. After I joined in, her message started to become clearer.
At first Dianna spoke about the fact that in life/nature, the insides of organism are the most important, for if the insides of live organisms were to falter, so would the rest of the organism. This is similar to one idea behind Dianna’s paintings,because she likes to play around with the negative space of her artwork, which also happens to be the insides of her paintings. The insides of all her paintings are vibrant and even entrancing in one case (for example the art piece with the blue and neon pink).


Another idea behind Dianna’s artwork is the fact that nature and cities have different psychological effects on peoples’ emotions. Nature is usually more tranquil and relaxing for most people, while cities are fast-paced and even stressful. Franco tried conveying a balance between the two in all of her paintings, by painting vibrant and organic backgrounds (or as I see them, “insides”) surrounded by pastel, muted geometric shapes (which in some paintings closely resemble buildings). One of my friends actually came to the conclusion that Dianna meant to make her paintings seem like the viewer is looking up into the sky/cosmos (the organic shapes on the inside) and their view of that sky/cosmos is obstructed by tall buildings (the geometric shapes surrounding the vibrant background).

This idea was best shown, in my opinion, by the art piece above, because the organic shapes closely resemble buildings. However, as expected, when questioned about these inferences, Franco would not affirm nor deny the fact that they were true. She did so because she enjoyed hearing the thoughts her artwork inspired in others. This would explain the reason why Franco didn’t name any of her pieces. She didn’t want to give away the meaning of her artwork, instead she left them unnamed because she wanted to affect the moods/thoughts of her audience and learn their reaction.


Overall I really enjoyed learning about Dianna’s thought process and viewing her artwork after being enlightened. It was also nice to learn that Franco doesn’t have a favorite art piece, because she feels like they all go together as a whole and even feels like they are a little family.


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