W5-Classmate Convo- Monica Navarro

This week I was able to formally meet, and introduce myself to, Monica Navarro. I say this because in the past week I spoke briefly with Monica once before, but today we were able to have a conversation and learn about one another. Monica Navarro, quite small in stature (much like myself), plans to pursue a career in juvenile delinquency and help with troubled youth. In order to do so, she is currently a third year sociology major and has a minor in criminal justice. Navarro originally wanted to be a probation officer, however, she jokingly informs me that she stories that scared her away from that career and pushed her toward juvenile delinquency.
Then the conversation took a turn toward sports and childhood. Monica, thanks to her mother, participated in many activities when she was growing up. Her mother wanted her, and her sister, to be well rounded individuals. Therefore, Monica was involved in swim, softball, piano, and basketball growing up. Their mother even once hired an art teacher to teach Monica and her sister how to be proficient in art, which they both regrettably wish they had continued with (in order to better their skills).
The mention of art took us back to the subject of school and how we both ended up at CSULB. I decided to attend CSULB because of my family, who also attended, and Monica’s reasoning is the same. Monica’s sister was attending CSULB and presented the school in such a light that caused Monica to apply and attend herself. ^.^
I had fun talking to Monica and you should check out her blog @ monicanav.wordpress.com


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