W5-Activity-kickstarter critique

So today after a nice long day of work I’m going to be critiquing four videos from kickstarter.com (a website dedicated to funding all kinds of projects) today. For this activity I had to choose two categories on kickstarter and watch two videos from those two categories (one good video and one bad video). The two categories I chose were Art and Film & Video.

For the Art Category, there were so many good videos to choose from. The good video I chose to review was called The Skid Robot Project, which is described as an “artistic movement promoting social change through the power of art, words, ideas and personal action.” The creators of this project want to bring light to each and every individual that lives on skid row, to enlighten their audience of the fact that the homeless are people and they each have their own story. This project is a book called Desperate Dreamers, full of photos of art with the homeless people they met and all their personal stories.
The video for this project, instantly caught my eye, because the video’s default picture is a homeless man lying on a mattress and there is a graffiti bed and window drawn behind him (making him seem like he has a home, which touched me). The video also starts off with a raw shot of the homeless of skid row and you can hear one of the makers of the project say “If you talk to someone, a human being, with respect and encourage them and let them know that you have faith in them, then they begin to have faith in themselves,” which appeals to the audiences’ emotions. Another aspect that appeals to the audiences’ emotions toward the homeless, and makes them think twice about it, are the few brief personal interview/dialogues with some homeless people on skid row. What makes this video compelling and interesting is the message behind the project and what the creators seek to achieve, which is stated in their video (they want to change the perception of the homeless and help the homeless vent, in a way, through graffiti art, photos, and ultimately the book). I enjoyed this video a lot, and wouldn’t hesitate to back it and help fund it. Check it out (the video above).

The other good video, in my opinion, from the Film & Video category was The Skinny, which was promoting a “dark comedy series about a feminist comedian in Los Angeles trying to live, love, and get over her bulimia.” Although the acting didn’t seem that great, the video overall had a conversational and relatable feel to it. The video opens with the star of the series on a phone call, telling the person she is talking to her dire need to finish funding her film project. Then she explains to the audience why she needs some money to finish her film and the reason behind her project (to talk about bulimia, because it is a problem! She wants to explore it because no one likes talking about it, especially since sex, drugs, money, and celebrities are more interesting and less offensive to discuss). Overall the video made me interested in watching her film series and judging the project’s success for myself. Check it out (the video above).

From the Film & Video category as well, my bad video of choice was the “Rescue James Bryan’s lost 1990 VHS horror film Jungle Trap!” fundraiser. The title itself is self explanatory, the creators of the project want to restore, add score, and edit the supposedly “raw” film. James Bryan’s film probably are priceless to many, but the video for this small campaign wasn’t convincing enough to make me want to back the project and contribute to the making of it. The video itself seems like bad quality, probably because the video was just a clip of the VHS movie made in the nineties, and just felt like a Goosebumps scary movie. The video wasn’t very informative, I learned about the project through the description. If you want to see what I mean, just check it out for yourself (the video above).

The last video I need to critique is my bad video of choice from the Art category. Now don’t get me wrong here, the goal behind this project, which is to “build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart” of the activities of the makers in Bógota and create a artistic show of useful, organically shaped artwork, is decent. However, the way the creators speak about the project in the beginning of their video, promoting their project mind you, is very dry and almost tired. The narrator for their video speaks in a boring and uninterested monotone, which continues throughout the video, even when another person involved in the project is explaining some details of the project. The video was okay, its visuals are good also, but the monotone kind of dragged it down a bit to me. To see what I mean, check it out for yourself (the video above).


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