W6- Classmate conversation- Victor Adrian Paredes Jr.

This week I had the pleasure of formally interviewing Victor Adrian Paredes Jr. He tells me that he is named after his father and is the middle child of five. Being the oldest of three, I can’t imagine what it is like to have two older siblings to look up to and two younger to be a role model for, but it was interesting to learn that Victor and all of his siblings get along fairly well. He enjoys his family so much that he beamed as he told me that his younger brother Alexander (whom they call Zander <3), is his mini me. He also told me that his little sister was able to appear on the show Fosters briefly. Continuing on the theme of family, Victor informed me that all of his siblings have names that begin with “a” in one form or another. Had Victor’s mother not decided to give him the middle name Adrian, his name would have curiously been Alvis (Elvis, with an A).

Unknown Unknown

Victor, or Adrian to some of his friends, is a currently a pre-film major, having switched from being a computer science major, which he didn’t really enjoy, and is part of the frat Alpha Gamma Omega. He has a passion for photography and film, particularly horror films. Being curious, I asked what his favorite older movies are and the answer were just as interesting as expected. Nosforatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (this movie was the inspiration for the creator of Frankenstein and Tim Burton’s films) are his top favorite classic horror movies.

Victor enjoys going hiking with his friends. Two weeks ago he went to Cucamonga Peak with some of his friends and he tells me that they were afraid of slipping and getting hurt that they decided to tie themselves to one another. At Cucamonga Peak, Victor took a amazing picture sitting on a ledge, at the very top of the peak, it gave me goosebumps for how high up it was and because it was such a cool picture. He also enjoys swim and throughout high school he participated in swim, something we both have in common, and his main events were 50 free and 50 fly. Since he was a sprinter, he also dedicated some of his time to playing water polo as well. Check out his blog at vparedes1996.wordpress.com !


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