W6- Activity- Yarn Bombing


Above is a photo from the second floor of the FA2 (fine arts 2) building. It was honestly pretty cool to learn about Yarn Bombing this week. I had never heard of this form of art/graffiti before and was awe inspired by the fact that people actually go out and knit/crochet all sorts of things onto trees, busses, fences, statues, buildings, and the like,  and get away with it because it isn’t considered as big as a deal as spray paint graffiti. On one hand whats up with that? but on the other hand thats hilarious and pretty amazing.

I know bombing with paint and bombing with yarn have their differences, however they both are made in order to convey a message or even beautify an area. Being a huge art fan (and the fact that I enjoy drawing and painting also)   both forms of bombing are beautiful to me. I have respect for the people involved in both yarn bombing and graffiti, because both take a lot of time, courage, and effort to complete. However, I can see why graffiti can be seen as a more aggressive art form as compared to the somewhat “softer” art form that is yarn bombing. Graffiti can be done by anyone willing to put in the time to work on their skills and create beautiful art (that could possibly result in jail time if they are caught). However, since graffiti has the hardcore punishment of jail if caught, people tend to believe men are more likely to be responsible for graffiti, being that they are the more “aggressive/strong/courageous” sex (according to stereotypes that have been around for way to long to still be accurate today ;P). This is also the reason why yarn bombing can sometimes be viewed as a “softer, female” art form (or mere “craft” even). Since women are stereotypically more likely to be knowledgeable in the craft of knitting and crocheting, and known for being the “softer/weaker/nurturing” sex, so is this art form of yarn bombing. Because of such stereotypes and close-minded views that a lot of people tend to abide by, I believe that yarn bombing is definitely resorted to a less serious and softer “craft” that women tend to do. I personally think anyone willing to learn and put in time and courage (which sounds exactly like what you need in order to pursue graffiti) into their yarn bombing skills, can do well. I feel as though If more men were to mainstream their yarn bombing work to the world, then the “craft” of yarn bombing might be upgraded to an actual art form in the eyes of some people. Therefore, I do believe, in a way, that our society does value the work of men to that of women. I don’t say this merely because I am a female myself, I say this because i believe what i said above was true –> if men were to take this yarn bombing thing under their belt more, it would be looked upon in a more serious light, rather than just taken lightly and not as serious as graffiti (which could  also be due to the fact that yarn bombings are probably much easier to be taken down than graffiti).


The green object I have featured is my fabric experiment. Which turned out to be so much easier and fun than the graffiti writing. The main reason I enjoyed this activity more is because i actually know how to sew and whatnot, whereas I had no clue how to properly make graffiti art (had the medium been acrylic paint, that would have been another story, since I know how to work with acrylic paint :P). Because I have work, I didn’t have that much time or money to go out and make a full blown yarn master piece. However, using my moms sewing kit, which has accumulated so many spools, needles, and buttons over the years, and using some yarn (to use as stuffing and hair) and ribbon, I made my own scrump. ❤ It took a while to make and stuff, but I really love the end product (i think i might even be able to make a kickstarted out of it! lol just kidding :P).


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