W7-Artist interview- Clare Samani

Clare Samani was one of the many artists, whose art was featured in a printmaking gallery. Initially she painted and drew in her sketchbook in junior high and didn’t really think about something like printmaking. The inspiration to become a part of the printmaking community came to her when she was attending Santa Clarita Community College and took an introductory printmaking class.


Because she is knowledgable in printmaking its different methods, she, along with the other printmaking students in the printmaking studio, was able to give Art 110 students a tour. During that tour they were able to inform everyone of the different methods (intaglio, relief, lithography, silkscreening, etc.).


Above is one ancient machine that is important for some printmaking methods, such as intaglio nd relief printing. The two big barrels are there to apply even pressure along the art piece in order to help successfully make a print.


Pictured above is a printmaking student applying ink to a piece of linoleum.


This is a picture of Clare Samani with her favorite piece. She created this piece with lithography, the method in which she is the most knowledgable, and thus her favorite as well. This piece’s caption says “i know, i do not know everything.” Clare enjoys having women in her artwork, because she knows she finds herself thinking about women and the issues women face on a daily basis.

After getting her BFA in printmaking, Clare plans on opening up her own printmaking shop and even working in another printmaking shop until she gets on her feet.

It was a pleasure meeting and speaking to a knowledgeable printmaking artist like Clare Samani.


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