W7- activity- Landscape with a Corpse

For this activity, where we have to depict our death in a photo, I chose sleep deprivation as the cause of my demise. I have been sleep deprived lately, because of the fact that after school and on weekends I work closing hours. Therefore I usually get home around 11pm or 12 midnight, and try to get done whatever homework I can and then trudge to bed. By the time I can get to bed it is maybe one or two in the morning, and usually I have to get up early the next morning to drop my sibling off at school and make it on time to school as well. Im getting used to sleeping five to seven hours a night. Being aware of the fact that people can die from sleep deprivation, I set myself up around things I usually use to do homework (i.e. my laptop, my political science textbook, a calculator, my math notebook, and some coffee to keep me awake) and had my brother take a picture of me. It was actually relaxing doing this, because I am tired and it gave me a little bit of time to rest my head and close my eyes.
This activity was a little weird, but I made the best of it, and expressed my stress over sleep deprivation in a productive manner.


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