W7-Classmate Conversation- Hunter Dimas

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the future forensic scientist, Hunter Dimas. I had seen Hunter talk with my friend before, so I figured he must be a pretty cool guy. Turns out he is a great guy with a very interesting and fun, in my opinion, personality. First I would like to explain his career choice, because I know I was curious about it.

After asking Hunter what inspired his choice to become a forensic scientist that specializes in firearms and tool marks (i.e. matching striations on bullets and the like), he informed me that it was a childhood movie called The Great Mouse Detective <3. When Hunter saw that movie, the fact that the great mouse detective was comparing the striations on two bullets sparked his interest and pushed him to take classes that would help him become a forensic scientist in the future. At Wilson High School (much to my distaste, being that I graduated from his rival school Poly High School :p), Hunter decided to take a forensic science elective on top of an already challenging AP Biology class. I had friends in high school that told me of their experience of being in AP Biology, therefore I know that class can be a little difficult at times. Which goes to show that Hunter is more that determined to pursue that career. large_rgB3pr1HjvM1vILylgl1TgsIXjH

In high school, Dimas  also played trumpet and took guitar classes, which he now regrets stopping. Although he did enjoy playing the guitar, he didn’t enjoy having to formally learn the practice. We both agreed that learning an art form in a classroom takes the creativity and fun out of that activity. Hunter felt that way about the guitar lessons, which is why he stopped taking it, but he now wished he had continued with it, since he enjoyed playing the guitar. I can relate to this feeling of having a creative ceiling in a classroom, because I have taken art classes throughout my high school, college, and middle school careers. Art class and creating art on your own art on your own time and for yourself is more enjoyable than having to conform to a set schedule and create/ practice things that the class/professor requires.

Something I found intriguing is the fact that Hunter Dimas has gone camping all over the western United States. ❤ He even tells me that he’s gone camping and hiking at Yosemite National Park at least four times. He, his family, and some family friends always go camping together and throughout the time they are camping, they usually start their week off with a warm up hike and progressively work their way up to a 15-18 mile hike. I was surprised when Dimas told me that a 15-18 mile hike at the end of their small trip was the norm and it made me laugh that he made it seem like no big deal :p. He and his family and family friends also have a tradition of taking a  picture on a ledge of a mountain at Yosemite, which I also thought was pretty cool.

Hunter Dimas was so much fun to talk to ^.^ <3. Check out his website at hunterdimas.com!


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