W8- artist interview- Laura Scattergood

This week at the galleries, I chose to learn more about Laura Scattergood and her artwork, which were featured in the merlino gallery. Laura is a BFA fiber major presently at CSULB. However she started out as a psychology major at Santa Monica College, where she went to get her Associates degree. At Santa Monica College a professor of hers suggested that she transfer to CSULB, because of its phenomenal art program. Since then, she has been at CSULB and specializes in fiber art.


In her art show, her fiber specialty skills are shown, as she informed art 110 students and myself that she personally made most of the items in her gallery.




She wove the rug on the floor (which also had bullets underneath it), made the bullet lined mirror, modified the curtains to have AK-47s, made the collage target practice people, and modified the couch and pillows to have guns placed right below the surface.

This juxtaposition of a calm and familiar setting with objects associated with violence, death, and war, is meant to portray how Laura feels about modern societal views on guns and meant to make her audience think about how views on guns has changed since the time when the “Greatest Generation” lived. Laura explained that the “Greatest Generation” refers to the people that lived during the Great Depression and WWII. She also explained that during those times, society and the people worked together as a unit and were aware of the dangers (both physical and psychological) of using a gun and being in war/violence. However, today we live in an individualist society that Laura believes see guns, violence, and war so regularly that it is now perceived as a norm. This can be shown by the fact that all the guns she spray painted and placed in her gallery were actually toys for children. Its scary to think that kids are playing with such accurately portrayed guns. What does this teach kids?

Another main aspect of the gallery, was the wires that lead the viewers to the mirror hanging on the wall. Laura placed the wires in this way, in order to draw the viewer to their own reflection. Laura explained that she wanted to  intensify the viewers reflections and make them reflect on their own views and opinions toward todays societal norm that is violence, guns, and shootings.


Everyone was drawn to the bullet mirror, even my new friend Roxana was.

I think Laura did a wonderful job and succeeded in what she intended to do with the images and construction of her gallery.


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