W9-Activity- Architecture and Urban Planning

For this weeks activity in art 110, students are asked to draw a cognitive map of the California State University campus. Each map is supposed to be composed without looking at a reference to the actual set up. Therefore making the cognitive map portray the buildings and areas of the campus that each individual deems important or significant in their college experience so far. Initially I had trouble with the spacing and sizing of all my buildings, and to be completely honest, I was frustrated with the fact that I knew i was leaving out many buildings structures of CSULB. So I started working with upper campus and tried working my way down to the rugby field, engineering buildings, pyramid, and even the dorms.

20150322_230351 20150323_005238

Because I started with upper campus, the least wide portion of the CSULB campus, in order to continue with the rest of the campus, I needed more pieces of paper to attach to it.


Pictured above is my final cognitive map of CSULB. I have a lot of the buildings, but I know there are many more I missed :p. I had a fun time with this.


For this weeks activity, art 110 students also have to adopt a building of their choice. I chose to adopt the McIntosh Building, named after Carl W. McIntosh, that can be found in between the library and theatre building. Carl W. McIntosh was the second president of California State University, Long Beach, which was then known as Long Beach State College (LBSC), from 1959-69. During Carl’s ten year tenure, CSULB became the largest college in California, meaning many students enrolled. The McIntosh building is a building with barred windows that face east and west and, according to my soar advisor in fall 2014, resembles an inside-out toaster. This comment stuck with me and I found out that this building wasn’t meant to be barred, nor facing east and west. This building was supposed to be built with its windows facing north and south. However, because the people that were meant to work inside the building fought over who worked the side of the building with a great view, versus the side with an average view, the builders decided to give no one a view of anything. Hence the barred windows that make the McIntosh building, the inside-out toaster.

For this weeks activity, we were also supposed to redesign the CSULB campus. I honestly like the way the campus is set up right now. However, I am not content with the fact that the CSULB staff waters its lawns twice a day, especially because it is unnecessary and wasteful of California’s limited water.


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