W9-Artist Conversation-Shiela Ann Rodriguez

Shiela Ann Rodriguez’s Art show mainly centered around the idea of “home.” Shiela grew up with parents that married and remarried, resulting in her moving across the United states with her family. Therefore, she finds interest in the “impact of architectural form” on the psychological and emotional aspects of people’s minds, and how that is connected to a person’s consideration of “home.”  Because Shiela moved around quite often growing up also, she believes that “home” can be considered many things. The meaning of “home,” or rather what people consider homes, is affected by the people someone may have lived with or the memories they hold of a certain physical place. A physical place, or a “house” per say, alone can only be a “home” if family, good memories, and an enjoyable environment are associated with said “house” according to Rodriguez. Essentially, with every “home” there are emotional ties to that structure, city, or area. Hence the reason why each and every piece in Rodriguez’ gallery has a drawing, or representation, of a physical house, which is drawn to look faded like a memory, and some sort of textured yarn or string that reach toward the ground as if to make roots.


Above is a close up of one house that is drawn onto a piece of wood in order to give it a sepia tone and appear memory-like. This photo also shows a close up of the intricate weaving and knotting that Shiela made in order to, in a sense, ground the physical house with roots. In the case of this show, the roots symbolize psychological, emotional ties.


The roots that make this house a “home” seem to be grounded by a bundle of memories that were created a longer time ago. This is shown through the fact that the bundle is toward the bottom, the part of the roots which must have had to grown before the thinner ones closest to the wooden canvas.


In some cases, the roots of the art pieces are so beautifully constructed to look wild, free, and earthy.

I enjoyed analyzing Shiela’s work and learning about her personal interpretation of what makes a house a “home”.


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