W9-Classmate Conversation-Eduardo Catalan Olivares

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Eduardo Catalan Olivares. He is a second year student, who shares the same name as my younger brother, and is currently majoring in mathematics. Eduardo enjoys mathematics, and realized his passion for the subject in high school. After realizing he could easily figure out math problems in the lower math subjects like trigonometry and algebra, and was able to figure out calculus problems like puzzles, he decided to continue with math at CSULB. Eduardo plans on earning a Bachelors in math and later his teaching credentials, because he plans on becoming an AP calculus or trigonometry teacher for, preferably, high school students. I have not met many mathematics majors, but I think Eduardo pursuing his passion for math is admirable. When I spoke with him, he seemed determined to become an AP calculus teacher, and I hope he achieves his goal.


Although Eduardo is a full time student at CSULB, he also has a part time job at McDonalds. He has been working there for about two months and works only three to four days out of the week. He usually works in the kitchen making the food or cleaning the store. Since I also have a part time job, we were able to share equal feelings and thoughts about the time a job takes out of your week, and how difficult it is to go to school and work part time. Eduardo even expressed to me the fact that there is pressure to start and finish one single order within the first 30-60 seconds that it is posted on their list of orders.


Here Eduardo is taking pictures of an artists’s work for his own blog.


Here Eduardo is pictured smiling at me acting like paparazzi.

Eduardo was born in Guerrero, Mexico and moved to The United States when he was five years old and grew up in Long Beach. He tells me that his family still sometimes wishes they could go back and live in Mexico, because the society and atmosphere there is so much more friendly and open, compared to the individualist society that is more prevalent in The United States. His parents even told Eduardo and his three siblings, one older brother, one older sister, and one younger sister, that when they were old enough to live on their own, that they would buy a house in Mexico and move back. Although Eduardo considers Long Beach his home since he’s lived here for most of his life, he says he would like to visit Mexico as well as his parents when they move back to Mexico in the future.


After I learned about Eduardo’s upbringing and family, I decided to ask him about his favorite activities. He told me he enjoys admiring nature, places like the Japanese garden on campus, and reading books. One of his favorite books is The Count of Monte Cristo, a book Eduardo says is comprised of many elements. He says it is very interesting and that his second favorite book would be Frankentein.

I had a fun time talking to and learning about Eduardo this week. Check out his website at catalanolivares.wordpress.com


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