W10- Classmate conversation- Christen Drake

20150326_114553     20150326_114448 This week I had the pleasure of meeting Christen Drake as I was walking out of the Merlino gallery (above Glen took pretty great shots of us talking). Christen Drake grew up in Anaheim and currently attends Cal State Long Beach. At Cal State Long Beach, Christen Drake is majoring in fashion merchandising and is a first year freshman in her second semester. Having another friend also majoring in fashion merchandising, and thinking the fashion major community was familiar with each other, I asked Christen if she knew my friend. However, Christen informed me that the fashion major community does not commonly mingle with each other unless it is with fellow classmates. Curious as to how Christen decided to major in fashion merchandising, I asked her. It turns out that in 2014 Christen attended the Long Beach annual Pride Festival with friends and there she came across a Fashion Careers International booth that caught her attention. She gave the booth her information and they actually gave her an internship during the summer of 2014. images

To this day Christen is still not exactly sure what she wants to pursue in the future with her fashion merchandising degree from CSULB. However, she told me that she wants to do what most fashion inclined people, that end up hitting it off, do. She wants to go with the flow and see where her fashion merchandising degree leads her down the road. One thing she is certain of is the fact that one day in the future she would like to open her own shop and sell natural and efficient clothing (for example Soybean textiles shown above).


In her spare time Christen, like many people, enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, family, and watching Netflix. I also like watching Netflix at home and shared with her that I enjoy watching Doctor Who, which she also enjoys. After we talked about Doctor Who for a bit and I found out that she watched the originals with her mother when she was younger, we shared our favorite doctors. Christen is fond of the 9th and 10th doctors (Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant).

Unknown images

I also want to share the great photos Glen captured of us at the very end of our interviews. (some are featured at the top of this post)

20150326_114604 20150326_114608

20150326_114630 20150326_114552

20150326_114612 20150326_114605 20150326_114602

We were even photobombed. ^.^ Christen was a pleasure to talk to and runs a pretty interesting blog. Check it out at christendrake.wordpress.com !


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