W10-Artist Conversation-Amanda Ruiz & Kaclica Chhin


In the Merlino Gallery this week was the show created by Amanda Ruiz, an illustration major (pictured below with some of her pieces), and Kaclica Chhin, a fourth year sculpting major. Their gallery explored the human body, human sexuality, the idea of sex, and attempted to persuade their audience to be a little more accepting and comfortable with these ideas. The subject matter for this gallery was inspired by the fact that Ruiz and Chhin talk often about their own bodies and how they became more comfortable in their own skin over time, and wanted to share the same experience with others.

20150326_120449     20150326_120452

Here Amanda is standing next to her favorite piece that she created using marbling paper, paint, pen, and colored pencils.


Amanda’s favorite piece depicts her idea of what the five stages of sex are. The first stage she depicts is excitement,second comes a plateau, thirdly comes the orgasm, then a resolution, and finally the fifth stage that states three options, which are to either sleep, repeat, or continue on with your daily routine.


20150326_111928   20150326_111948


Here are more of Amanda’s illustrations that reflect human sexuality, the human body, acceptable sexual dialogue, feelings of sexual  excitement, and even an illustration that displays a record of how often one person, fictional or real, has sex.

20150326_111909 20150326_111938

Although the illustrations and sculptures, which were created in about 1-3 weeks with the help of family and friends of Chhin, can seem vulgar to some people, in reality they are just representations of the human body in their natural state and the normal idea of human sexuality. The gallery may contain “explicit content” that some people would prefer wasn’t showcased in an art gallery, however in reality there is more explicit content online that over sexualizes women and men, for example pornography, that some are more comfortable viewing in private.

I enjoyed viewing the gallery and support the meaning behind the subject matter. I do hope that this gallery made some people think more openly about sex, sexuality, and the human body.


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