W11-Activity-Plaster Sculpture

The Art 110 activity this week is to create a plaster sculpture of one of your extremities at the beach. At first I was worried this activity was going to be time consuming, since the directions state that it takes thirty minutes for the plaster to set, so I decided to try the activity on the weekend when I had time before work.


For this activity, I decided to get some help from my classmate Victor Adrian Paredes and do the activity with him at Cherry Beach by the Belmont Plaza Pool. We both had our own plaster, he provided the bucket and shovel, and I provided the transportation. We saw this as a fair trade ^.^.

After Victor and I got to the beach and chose a spot, we started digging.



After we were done making the holes, which were meant to work as plaster casts for our sculptures, we filled our bucket with water and started making the molds for our sculptures.

20150412_093056 20150412_094212


Pictured above is Victor enjoying himself as he makes a mold of his hand. I also made a mold of my hand.

Once we both finished making our molds, we mixed one carton of plaster with half a carton of water and mixed so thoroughly, some of it splattered onto our faces. Although our first batch of plaster was stirred to perfection, we unfortunately didn’t know that we had to pour immediately after we were done mixing. Therefore we stopped stirring for a minute to figure out how to pour the plaster into the molds, and our plaster started drying, quickly.


We tried to mix it again to make it stop drying, but it was too late. Fortunately we had another milk carton of plaster and tried a second time, after we got rid of the  first batch of drying plaster in the bucket.

20150412_094920 DSC_1014

Above we are pictured stirring the second batch of plaster. This time after we stir the plaster, we immediately start pouring the mix into our molds and find that we didn’t need to wait thirty minutes for the plaster to dry.


After about ten minutes, we carefully dug up our plaster sculptures. They weren’t perfect, but they did follow the form of some of the mold. My sculpture actually only molded to my palm and a little bit to my pinky and thumb.


It wasn’t fun messing up the first time, but after moving quickly we ended up with two sculptures that resembled our hands. (: I enjoyed this activity, and it was more fun because I shared it with my classmate.


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