W11-Classmate Conversation

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Anissa Torres. Anissa Torres is a freshman at CSULB that is currently undeclared, but is looking into becoming a Kinesiology major. Anissa, like myself, was born and raised in Long Beach. However, unfortunately she is yet another graduate of Wilson High School. 😛 At Wilson High School, Anissa played soccer for all four years that she attended. She played for the junior varsity team for three years and got bumped up to varsity her senior year. I know that on my high school swim team, the junior and varsity teams are completely different, therefore I was curious if the case was the same for her soccer team. Much to my surprise, Anissa informed me that the junior varsity and varsity soccer teams at Wilson regularly practice and play together, therefore her year on varsity wasn’t a drastic change.

I also learned that Anissa has a twin sister, Kristal Torres, with whom she has been working with at Baskin Robbins for the past nine months. Growing up, my parents would always take my siblings and I to Baskin Robbins, so I thought this job choice was pretty cool. When I asked Anissa about her experience at her job, she told me that she enjoys it and enjoys working with her sister and some of her friends. She enjoys an easy workload of sixteen to twenty hours a week and manages her time to dedicate some of it to her schoolwork. Anissa also tells me that she did not expect to have so many different things to do at her job. Initially she thought she was just going to be serving ice cream. However, she actually also makes smoothies, takes cake orders, helps decorate cakes, makes banana splits, and helps clean and maintain the shop, in addition to scooping ice cream.

Anissa is a wonderful and nice person to talk to, and I also want to mention some random facts about her: She is five minutes younger than her twin sister. She is thinking of moving out with her sister (just like me). She is currently into fuh (noodle soup) and says she doesn’t know how to cook that many things yet.

Check out her blog at Anissa Torres 6.wordpress.com !


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