W12-Classmate Conversation- Kyler Victorio

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow pre-biology major also in his first year of college, Kyler Victorio. Kyler Victorio, although he is thinking of switching his major to health science, is thinking of becoming a trauma surgeon later in on life. He explained to me that in high school, Saint Anthony, he met a trauma surgeon and asked him about his typical work week, and found it interesting enough to pursue. He wants to pursue a career in the medical field, however the years of schooling and volunteer work and the cost of the schooling is a little intimidating. I agree, but pursuing a career in the medical field is definitely a good investment.

In his spare time, Kyler enjoys watching Netflix, sleeping, going out to eat, and hanging out with his girlfriend and friends (who coincidentally I also know, because some of them are fellow Poly High School graduates ^.^). Currently Long Beach Thai is his favorite restaurant, but his favorite overall food type is Mexican food. Kyler told me that if he had to, he could eat Mexican food every day, which he partly thinks is because his girlfriend is Mexican.

Kyler played basketball and volleyball at Saint Anthony High School and informed me that he even played guitar for five years and tried singing also. He has since stopped playing because he spends more time out enjoying himself with his friends. The reason he started playing was because he had a lot of free time to learn and get better. Although he hasn’t played in a while, Kyler wishes he had kept up with it.

Currenty, along with being a full time student at CSULB, Kyler works for the city, under parks and rec (like the tv show). At his job, Kyler works mainly with young kids as a referee in youth sports, and helping kids with their homework in the after school WRAP program. Kyler enjoys his job and has a great time working with young kids.

It was a pleasure talking with Kyler Victorio. Check out his blog at kylervictorio.com



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