W12-Activity-Algorithmic Art- Acrylic piece

For this activity I want to create a geometric composition using lines and a juxtaposition of warm and cool colors. In order to create this, I will need a ruler, a pencil, painters tape, an exact-o knife, acrylic paint, and brushes.
I will start by giving my composition a 1/2 inch border.
Next I will create one line from the bottom left hand corner of the paper to about a half inch from the bottom of the bottom right-hand corner of the paper.
Then I will create a line, starting an inch from the beginning of the preceding line and end it a half inch above where the preceding line ended. These lines will be painted with cool colors
I will continue this process around the paper until I have achieved a shape that roughly resembles a circle in the center.
From the center of this circle I will create lines going outward and paint them warm colors.
Now I will paint each piece by surrounding its edges with painters tape and painting the inside with whichever hue I find suiting.

I want to go for a cool colored geometrical spiral that closes in on a warm colored sphere like shape, in order to make the center pop with bright colors, which is what the eyes are lead to by the cool colored spiral.

I really enjoyed creating this piece. It was fun to experiment with the different hues of blue and green and gray. It was even more fun to give each colors a tint and shade, because no matter what I mixed into my colors, I ended up with a beautiful hue. The same goes for the center, however the colors I used in the center felt a little more limited because of the lighter hues I used around its edges. Overall I like me piece, especially since its geometrical and its very colorful.


the end result ❤


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