W12-Artist conversation- Ashley Sharpe


The cute and colorful art show centered around cats created by printmaking student Ashley Sharpe, was showcased in the Merlino Gallery this week. Ashley Sharpe was very proud and smitten about announcing her solo BFA Printmaking show called Meow. To be put frankly, Sharpe loves cats, kittens, and anything associated with them. She wanted to combine her love of cats with her printmaking skills, mainly screen printing since its her favorite to work with, to share her talent and fondness of cats with others. Sharpe told art 110 students that all the cat art pieces featured in he show are either pictures of her roommates cats, pictures of cats from a farm that her bf works at, or pictures of cats that she follows online on Instagram.


Sharpe loves cats, but interestingly enough she doesn’t own one. She said that growing up she had one cat, but currently wants to find a job and be established before getting a cat, in order to give it the care and attention it needs. She definitely would love to own a cat in the future.

20150416_112320 20150416_112312

Sharpe is very close to graduating with her BFA in printmaking. Like most seniors, she is both excited and a little nervous to finally go out into the “real world.” She is a little nervous because she still isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do with her degree. She says that she could get her teaching credentials, she could try for her Masters degree, or simply find a job when she moves to palm springs. One thing she is sure of is the fact that she plans on continuing to take art classes at Palm Springs Community College.

it was fun looking at all the amazing artwork that Ashley Sharpe created. check out her instagram @artmadebyash


the one above is my favorite.



above is Ashley standing next to her favorite piece.


and here is a photo of Ashley talking to art 110 students ^.^


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