W13-Artist Convo- Shihori Nakayama- Recapturing the Moment


Shihori Nakayama is a phenomenal artist, whose skills seem to come with ease. Her art skills remind me of a friend of mine from high school whose art is equally as detailed, only a little more on the darker spectrum than Shihori. Nakayama’s gallery was a mixture of pieces created with pen and ink and screen printing, in which she even incorporated coffee and tea stains to give some of her pieces a pop of subtle color. Each piece in Nakayama’s gallery contain extraordinary detail, because she enjoys creating line and mark pieces, and even pieces that she created from her own imagination are as equally as detailed.


The imagery in Nakayama’s gallery is mainly based on her own personal life, where she even incorporates portraits of people she knows and drawings of landscapes that are important to her. However, these portraits and landscapes that Nakayama recreates are not mirror images, in fact she recreates them and incorporates her own twist on the images to correspond with her emotions, feelings, and thoughts toward each person or image. So even though her images are redrawn from pictures and people, they still contain a touch of imagination.

20150423_114724 20150423_113224

20150423_113230 20150423_113324

Her artwork, along with the extremely  detailed works, is even inspired by the “search-and-find” children’s books that she enjoyed growing up. Because of this inspiration, Nakayama sought to create a gallery with detailed, imaginary works that seek to draw the audience in to look closely and be lost in the details. I think she definitely succeeded.

20150423_113328 20150423_113344

some of her artwork even includes self-portraits, such as seen in the immediate above right photo.


Nakayama’s artwork includes portraits of classmates, roommates, friends, cats, dogs, and even people that are around her. Because each piece is so intricate, this gallery took Nakayama four months to complete. She even informed us that she was still completing some works as they were being mounted on the walls of the dutzi gallery.

20150423_113429 20150423_113436


In the future, Nakayama wants to create her own product that displays her illustrations , create illustrations for books, and even make her own children’s book. I find all those choices a great fit for Nakayama, and hope to see more of her work incorporated in books or see her own book in the near future.


Here Nakayama is pictured with her favorite piece. It has her signature coffee stain on it, that she found so beautiful in and of itself that she just added onto it with her printing and pen and ink skills. Therefore it became her favorite piece. She informed us that she initially almost didn’t want to print or draw over the beautiful coffee stain.

The photos that follow are all taken from one of Nakayama’s showcased sketchbooks:

20150423_113646 20150423_113648


These two above are incredibly beautiful.

20150423_113755 20150423_113914

The green plant featured above is one of my favorites of Nakayama.


Above is one of Nakayama’s prints.

Nakayama was wonderful to talk to and her gallery was amazing. check out more of her artwork on her blog http://www.inktimes.blogspot.com or on her website shihoriart.com


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