W13- Classmate convo-J Jesus Perez Gonzalez

This week in art 110, I was just walking into the art galleries, ready to look for an art gallery that interested me, and I was approached by a fellow classmate. This fellow classmate was J Jesus Perez Gonzalez. J Perez is a 20 year old 3rd year at CSULB, studying computer engineering. He was such a pleasure to talk to and he even introduced me to his wife Valeria Garcia, who just got married to this past December! ❤

When asked about his choice of major, J informed me that he considers himself a tech geek, considering the fact that he loves technology and keeping up with the new technologically advanced products coming out, ultimately becoming the reason why he chose to major in computer engineering. In the future, a subject J has rarely been asked about in the past by other art 110 students, J says he wants to make money with his major by finding something he enjoys doing or possibly working for Apple or Dell.

After we talked about his current academic life, which also includes him participating in many clubs that fall under his major (including HSI STEM, a club he recommended I join also ^.^),  I asked him about his experience at Wilson High School. J told me that although he lives near Poly High School, my high school, he decided, unfortunately :P, to go to Wilson, where he enjoyed himself and met his high school sweetheart that he later married <3.

I really enjoyed talking to J and meeting his wife, who somewhat shares my name ^.^. I wish him and his wife a wonderful marriage and I hope he is able to eventually work for Apple or Dell in the future. Check out J Jesus’s blog at https://jjesussublime.wordpress.com



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