W14-Artist Conversation- Liminal Gallery

20150430_112328 20150430_112342

These are some of the photos of artwork that instantly grabbed my attention at the Liminal Gallery this past week. Liminal is an adjective that means of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of process, or occupying a position at, or on both sides of a boundary or threshold. The Liminal Gallery is made up of works by multiple artists, who are seniors, who each discovered their processes over time and with trial and error. Each artist has their own individual style, content, and technique that they are essentially going to keep changing and improving. This gallery was definitely created with the essence of liminality in mind.

20150430_112441 20150430_112451

The above works were created by Charles Banowetz. One is named Treecloud and the other is named North. Charles Banowetz often times has difficulty explaining the exact type of art he creates and enjoys creating. However, he simply states that his art comes from his innermost consciousness, which is easily seen in his work. Banowetz successfully seeks to create a blissful, centered, creative, and loving place in each of his paintings, in order to bring himself, as well as others, to a peaceful state of mind. Another factor that Banowetz enjoys emphasizing in his work is perspective, which he creates through the careful development of back-, middle-, and fore- grounds. Banowtez’ work is amazing, alluring, and calming.

20150430_112414 20150430_112401

Here is more artwork that caught my attention at the Liminal gallery. The artist Gianina Nuñez is fascinated by the concept and aftermaths of birthdays, therefore the painting with birthday themed objects and vibrant colors is hers.

This art gallery show was amazing


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