W14-Classmate Conversation- Cristian Rodriguez

This week in Art 110 I had the pleasure of interviewing Cristian Rodriguez, a fellow first year who had already interviewed me earlier in the semester ^.^. I had a nice time being interviewed by him initially, but know it was my turn to ask him the questions. Currently, Cristian Rodriguez is an industrial design major at CSULB, seeking to create a business in the future where he spends his time creating sketches of houses, furniture, such as cabinets and tables. He became interested in this career path because his father is working in the same field and has already taught Cristian how to make a few things.

Cristian, born and raised in LA, decided to come to Cal State after graduating from South Gate High School. Cristian chose to come to CSULB, not only because it was his top choice, but also because he loved the weather and the good vibes he got from the campus.

At South Gate High school Cristian was a great water polo player. Although he doesn’t play water polo at CSULB, he plays with his community at a public pool occasionally and wants to try out for the team his junior year. I think he would enjoy it and definitely make the team. Especially since he already spends most of his time in water anyway. Cristian told me that other than playing water polo with friends at a public community pool, he also spends a lot of time at the beach when he’s not out exploring the world and having adventures. Cristian goes to the beach twice every three weeks also :). Other things he enjoys doing in his free time is work out and go out to see new places and explore. Of his past trips, Cristian says that the griffith observatory is his favorite.

Some random facts about Cristian: his favorite movies are the iron man movies, hip hop and rap are his favorite genres, country is his least favorite, he has one older brother and two younger, his favorite color is matte silver, and he is a pretty chill guy. Check out his blog at crisrod1996.wordpress.com !



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