W15-Classmate Convo-Jessa Camago

For my very last classmate conversation for Art 110, I had the pleasure of being approached by a wonderfully sweet girl, Jessa Camago. I knew instantly that Jessa was going to be a sweet and genuine person as soon as she somewhat timidly walked up to me started asking me questions.

Jessa Camago was born and raised in Lancaster, California. However, having had enough of living in a desert with little to do and enjoy, she decided she wanted to attend a school that far enough away from home that she could dorm, but close enough that she could still easily visit home whenever she got homesick. Therefore she decided to come to CSULB to major in business accounting, to obviously pursue a career in accounting, and live in the hillside dorms. I thought that was pretty smart ^.^. Jessa knew she wanted independence from her parents, but also that she still wanted to be able to get their help if she needed it, so she applied to cal state. I want the same thing, but i couldn’t move out of my home, Long Beach, therefore I think Jessa’s move was pretty brave.

Curiously enough, Jessa doesn’t think much of her move. Jessa couldn’t wait to move out of Lancaster because it was a boring place to her, and because she was already used to living in other places since she moved around a lot with her family. She even jokingly said that any place would be better than Lancaster. She also didnt think much of her move, because she actually lives closer to home than her older brother, who attends San Francisco State. She knew he lived too far from home to comfortably visit during his school year if he needed something, so Jessa considers herself still close to home.

I asked Jessa how she ended up wanting to become an accountant and she told me that she had a love for math. However, she didn’t know what to do with that passion and skill, and then decided to become an accountant.

Now for some random facts about Jessa: she enjoys playing tennis and drawing topography for fun, she has an older brother and a younger brother, she is content as a middle child except the over protectiveness of her parents, her favorite movie is Spirit Away, her favorite color is maroon, and she says she would enjoy Long Beach better if she had a car :P.

Jessa was a pleasure to talk to and get to know. Check out her blog at jessacamago.wordpress.com !


Here’s glenn photobombing our photo together.


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