W15- Artist conversations- Drawn Out


For this last artist conversation post for my Art 110 class, I chose to write about some of the artists featured in the Drawn Out gallery, which featured the works of senior BFA students. All of the artwork in the galleries were amazing and nothing like I had ever seen before.


One artist whose work was pretty amazing was Gerald Urmanita’s artwork. Urmanita’s skills in art have stayed with him since he was younger. Apparently when he was younger he even got awards for his artwork. According to Urmanita he received awards in first grade for his artwork. I think thats pretty impressive on his part. I was commended for my art skills growing up, but never did I receive awards when I was that young. In the Drawn Out gallery, Gerald’s artwork consisted of watercolor pieces of flowers and great pencil sketches of flowers, that also included some of the artist’s commentary. Urmanita is a wonderful artist and says that being in the visual arts contributed to the well rounded person that he is today.





Another Artist I found interesting was Ashey Healy. Ashley was raised in Glendora, California and grew up drawing dinosaurs, animals, and different types of creatures, that ultimately led to her artwork currently. In the Drawn out gallery, Ashley Healy decided to showcase her amazingly detailed pen and ink drawings and close ups of different shapes and creatures. Her artwork has a curiously dark tone, in the same way that one would describe Tim Burton’s work. I was fascinated by the creative creatures she was able to so accurately depict and amazed by the beautiful details. I also thought it was pretty impressive that she currently works at Walt Disney Imagineering. I wish her the best, her artwork will go far, especially since she wants to work in editorial, concept, and design work in the future.



Elia Murray was another skilled artist, whose drawings and sculptures of people and animals were fascinating to view. Thankfully, Elia grew to become an amazing artist, because she was introduced to art by her father and pushed into all kinds of creative events by her mother. Elia Murray states that it was because of this support that she became the amazing and dedicated artist that she is today. In the future, Murray wants to see her own characters come to life on the “big, or small, screen.” I can definitely see that happening.

20150507_115143 20150507_11513320150507_115154 20150507_115158

20150507_115207 20150507_11521220150507_115217


An intelligent artist named Jordan Lance was also featured in the Drawn Out gallery. Lance, like David Foster Wallace, thinks that school should be a place where one should re-learn how to think, instead of just a place where one has to learn to do one thing well. Jordan is an intelligent and thoughtful artist that seeks to “draw out a thoughtful voice rather than an immersive technique,” thanks to his insightful professors. Thanks to those professors, Lance says he was able to find a unique voice, along with his classmates. A skill he will need to continue to use in his future with art.

20150507_114748 20150507_114753

20150507_114807 20150507_114817


The last artist I want to lightly talk about is an artist named Sara Haase. I didnt learn much about Haase’s personal life and artistic method, but her description says a lot about the kind of person she is. She just loves to paint and draw. It doesn’t matter if its oils, inks. or bleach on canvas, skin, or a surfboard, she just loves to create amazing art. Her skills were accurately showcased at the Drawn Out gallery.

20150507_121005 20150507_121012

20150507_121015 20150507_121019


All of the artwork in the Drawn Out galleries were breath-taking and I hope to see more artwork in the future as I visit the galleries, which I of course will continue to do.

Art 110 was a wonderful journey, I will miss going to the galleries and meeting new people each week. ❤


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